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Sustainable Results, Without Another Failure, In A Different Way That You've Ever Done It Before

The Successful Steps Track opens the door to the exact support and education you need to change your habits and finally succeed, FOR LIFE

Medical Nutrition Therapy from Your Registered Dietitian

Support and Accountability Outside
of Sessions

Habit and Behavior Education with Community inside the Sustainable You Academy

If this is You, you are in the right place

You want...

  • to lose weight, lose fat or reduce inches
  • reduce blood sugars, A1c, or insulin
  • have more energy and feel great again
  • ​​to grow and evolve
  • ​a medical health professional who listens to you and your unique situation
  • sustainable change over a short term fix
  • ​you body to match who you really are

You may be...

  • An overthinker or obsessive thinker
  • ​catastrophic thinker​
  • all-or-nothing (all-in, all-out) kinda person, do it all or do nothing
  • ​​easy to say 'screw-it' or 'I deserve it'
  • ​habitually stressed, anxious or even depressed or hopeless
  • ​easy to overwhelm or feel frustration espically when you don't see results

Your history includes...

  • no less than 998 diets!
  • maybe not the best foundation growing up as a kid
  • giving up when you don't see scale results
  • ​​changing 100 things about your life on Monday and falling into chocolate cake by Friday
  • ​doubt about if real change is actually possible for you

To succeed, We Must achieve total alignment

NOT just a change in behaviors. Which means, we have to learn how to feel, think, and believe, differently... habitually.

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In addition to your Insurance-Covered Visits with your Dietitian,
here's EVERYTHING get and WHY

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Have you given up in the past when life got stressful or overwhelming?

Your Journey Map

Have you given up in the past when life got stressful or overwhelming? Not sure what to choose when you eat out? Have the ‘I deserve it’ or ‘screw it’ mentality? End the start-and-stop efforts with your personal guide map, built specifically for your unique and individual life, obstacles, and needs. Get from start to finish in your journey with this map outlining your habits, your obstacles, the tools you need to overcome the obstacles, and the north starts that guide your everyday thinking and doing. With your unique Journey Map in hand, you’ll know exactly what to so to stay healthy for years to come.

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Feel yourself slipping? Having a tough day? At the grocery store and not sure what to buy?

Dietitian Text Message Support

Not sure where to find something? Feel yourself slipping? Having a tough day? At the grocery store and not sure what to buy? Answers and support are now at your finger tips through your 1-1 HIPAA-complaint text message support with your dietitian! Get the support you need when you need it most.

p.s. these are real texts ;-)

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Overwhelm easily? Feel unfocused? Notetaking done-for-you and available to you at any time!

Follow Up Session Notes

Never forget what was talked about in your last session with Session Follow Up Notes taken for you and delivered to you by your dietitian, eliminating the overwhelm and always keeping you focused the most important steps to move you forward toward your goals. Just bring yourself to each session and the note taking work is done for you!

Inside a Shared Google Drive between you and your dietitian, you will find this and more...

Do you love checking the boxes!? 

Small Steps Tracker: The Daily Checklist

Love to check the boxes? We made this for you: The Daily Checklist…because a habit isn't a habit until it is one! Stay focused and on task with your small steps each and every day, making changing your habits easier and eliminating the guesswork, confusion, and even frustration from your daily action items. Better yet, it’s a game… Checking your daily boxes plants seeds and grows trees representing new habits!

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Is it hard to see - and recognize - your own success? And when you have it, is it often not enough?

Your Data Tracker

See and feel your success, despite a million past attempts and failures, the with the Data Tracker. Weight loss wasn’t enough for you? Should have been more weight loss for the amount of effort you put in? Have you ever felt like this? To be successful you must believe you can succeed and with several past attempts or failures, this can be hard to do. The Data Tracker is for you to wire your brain for success by shifting your belief from data as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ to ‘data is data,’ PLUS, helps your dietitian see patterns and adjust your Medical Nutrition Therapy Plan for your unique and individual body to reach it’s goals.

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Rewire your brain for success.
This is your single most important resource for sucess...


How every all-or-nothing dieter can create sustainable changes to their health and weight without falling off the wagon every Friday night, Vacation, holiday, restaurant outing, or family visits. Knowing what to do and ACTUALLY doing it are two completely different things. Get the exact roadmap to success, creating permanent and sustainable change by changing how you think. You will never need another diet or plan again. This is your education for sustainable change.

Copy of Your Success Path (1) png

You'll never be lost again...

The Success Path

20+ years of thousands of client success stores. Here’s how to play this game and be successful.

carbs-1- png

How to do it right so you don't have to do it again, EVER.

Habit Change

Complex and confusing science broken down into easy to understand and simple to follow steps that make habit change painless.

  • How to Start Again without Failing Again
  • The Hero's Journey... YOUR Journey
  • ​The Science and Six-Step Process of Habit Change
  • ​Pizza-and-Carrot Method Training for the All-or-Nothing Types
artificial-intelligence-g5f4221998_1280 jpg

Here’s why you haven’t succeed yet.

Brain Training

Here’s why you haven’t succeed yet. Sustainable change is less about changing what you do and MORE about changing how you THINK, habitually. It’s not your doing, it’s your thinking. Learn the simple steps to rewire your brain to success.

  • Changing Identity for Permanent Change
  • ​Old Brain, New Brain Mapping
  • ​Brain Training 101
  • ​How to Change How You Think [Practical Neuroplasticity]
  • Negative Thoughts Detox
  • Brain Training Exercises
  • Powerful Clarity Sessions
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Eliminate the MOST COMMON OBSTACLE you face… stress.

Stress Less with Maya

Eliminate the MOST COMMON OBSTACLE you face… stress. Accredited by the American Institute of Stress and in partnership with StressMaster International, Inc, this one-of-a-kind stress program has been taught in school districts and well-known organizations like PING golf, by Maya. You’ll learn where you stress really comes from and how to transform it completely. Plus, discover two of the most un-talked-about saboteurs of your sustainable and permanent health and how exactly to change them: the ‘stuck-on’ nervous system and not feeling your emotions.

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Medical Nutrition Library

Know exactly how much you should be eating to reach your goals. Plus, get lists of protein, fat, and carb ideas in the exact amounts YOU need them. But what to do when you can’t track forever? Get the bonus guide on how to succeed without tracking.

  • Calories
  • Proteins, Fats, Carbs with Trackers, Education, and Meal Ideas
  • Trackers Galore
  • ​​How to Succeed without Tracking: Body Awareness and Intuitive Eating


Meal Prep and Planning Resource Guide

  • How to Successful Meal Plan and Prep in 7 Steps without spending a lot of money or hours in the kitchen
  • Meal Planning Sheets and Fridge Menus
  • 10 At-Home Cooking Basics
  • 35 Low Carb Dinner Ideas in 20 minutes of less
  • ​25 breakfast ideas with 30 grams of protein or more
  • ​20 healthy snack ideas
  • ​19 seven-day meal plans for specific diet needs with easy-to-follow prep guides

PLUS, New Friendships Abound!

The Community

Build your weekly grocery lists, workout, hike, plan your week, make new friendships that last a lifetime, share your hopes and dreams… get healthy, permanently, without having to go at it alone.

  • Weekly huddles - share your one thing
  • Group meal planning session + instacart grocery list shares
  • Group event calendar including hiking, cooking classes and more!

BONUS #7: "I can't remember what she taught me in session..."

Our Medical Nutrition Therapy Video Library

How to eat out with your family, travel, attend work lunches and eat out eat food other than your own home-cooked meals and lose weight and balance your blood sugar too: The Ultimate Dining Out Guide inclusive of X Restaurants and Made-For-You Choices.

  • Carbohydrate education
  • How your metabolism works
  • What's insulin, how it's stopping your fat loss, & how to reduce it
  • ​​How to lose fat, and not just body weight
carbs (1) png

"The carbohydrate video was worth it's weight in gold!" -Trisha 

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(Value based on six month's time.)

 Medical Nutrition Therapy Plan

$250 (Value)

 Your Journey Map

$1200 (Value)

 Extended Follow Up Sessions

$1,840 (Value)

 Dietitian Text Message Support

$1997 (Value)

 Done-For-You Follow Up Session Notes

$1200 (Value)

 New Week New You: The Weekly Checklist

$97 (Value)

 Small Steps Tracker: The Daily Checklist

$197 (Value)

 Your Data Tracker

$97 (Value)

 Sustainable You Academy

$1200 (Value)

 BONUS #1: Calorie And Macros Guide

$497 (Value)

 BONUS #2: Meal Prep & Planning Resource Guide

$497 (Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $9,072 for six months
that's $1,512 per month



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Here's Our Refund Promise to You:


We will cancel your Successful Steps Track, no questions asked, and refund your first month's investment.  


What The Community Is Saying

70773666_972645766404066_2343819719930281984_n jpg



Today I was meditating, and I thought of Maya and how far I have come in the last year and half. Yesterday, I got on the scales and I was 200 pounds... Whoo-hoot!

In July of 1987 I got married for the first time and was 200 lbs, and until now that is the last time I have seen this weight. I like the new me and enjoy living my new life. Please know that you have made a huge difference in my life and for that I will always be grateful. I like the new me. 

brittany square png



I've always felt like most of my life I've been hiding behind not only food, but clothes, trying to cover up as much as possible, and now I'm always trying to find shorts, skirts and sleeveless shirts etc. I'm celebrating a little more weight loss today, I'm 40 pounds down, weigh in is this Friday! This hasn't been an easy journey, challenging, and lord knows I have had my ups and definitely my downs... " If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you" no matter how hard or tough it gets, I am determined to reach my goals and get into ANY outfit that I've ever turned my head away from because I wasn't able to fit in it!

60704334_883042942031016_299456733468688384_o jpg



After trying almost everything including denied for gastric bypass I basically gave up"

I started at 240+ and I'm now at 216 EVEN after going through the stay-at-home COVID 19 and it's been just an unbelievable journey. It has helped me change my mindset and helped me reach my goals and make my life better. My cholesterol is down and triglycerides are down. When you start to reach my age at 70 years old and you go to the doctor and everything looks good, that's a good day for you! You won't get beat up and you'll gain habit tools you can use in every aspect of life. It's priceless.

53716790_10216339820519964_3099861966936604672_n jpg



Working with Maya and her team is the best thing I've ever done for myself and my physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Their approach focuses on sustainable change while challenging your preconceived notions and giving you the tools to create beliefs that support you and feel good! Amazing how much easier it is to not eat the entire snack aisle at the grocery store when you feel good about yourself. Their online program is great and includes information that will literally change your life. I HIGHLY recommend working with Maya and her team one on one to really integrate the work, make change in a way that sticks, and get support each step of the way. We all need and deserve help on this journey. This program will help you move forward in ways you literally never thought possible."

IMG_5710 JPG



Healthy habits, what are they exactly? Can you be skeptical and healthy at the same time? Isn't it just about the food, eat right, move more and the weight will come off? Not so! There is so much more to it and it starts with mindset and flows into your belief systems and feelings of worthiness. I know it sounds like so much, but we are all so much more than we think we are.
In my short time with Maya I have worked hard on my mindset and being positive. I have learned what my triggers are and the choices I have when they occur. Maya has provided me the tools for my life and I will be forever grateful.... and I've lost 37 pounds in the process!"

Anilu jpg



''I was so exhausted I began losing passion for my career simply because I had ZERO energy for anything. I was always out of breath and none of my clothes were fitting anymore. I ate everything in sight because it tasted good and ate out every single day. What nobody knew was I felt extreme guilt after eating because I felt shame in what I was eating and hated how I looked in the mirror and never felt beautiful. But I dealt with it because that’s all I knew what to do.
My fasting glucose was elevated to the point the numbers were prediabetic and it woke me up. I was 228 pounds and I wanted to curl up into a ball.
Not once did I ever feel judged and immediately, I felt the beautiful energy and love given to me with Maya. I knew it was going to be my new beginning. After 3 months, I’ve lost a total of 38 pounds. My glucose levels are now normal and my energy is back. I fit in clothes I couldn’t fit into for YEARS. I began to learn it wasn’t about the food either. Learning to unlearn is still a struggle and I know it’s never easy but totally doable because it’s all within ourselves and we all CAN DO THIS. Always feeling the love never feeling alone in this journey is the most beautiful feeling. I’m learning things about me I never knew were always within me. To all of you thinking you can’t do this, know you can and even though it’s never easy, it’s never too late to be a better you.


Frequently Asked Questions

This is in addition to your insurance visits.

Insurance covers face-to-face visits. That's it. After 15+ years in practice, Successful Steps fills the gap to give you everything you need to succeed. 

If insurance doesn't cover your visits...

You'll need to invest in dietitian visits separately, meaning you will invest in (1) your dietitian sessions and (2) the Successful Steps track. We know you'll find out session investment costs quite affordable. 

The investment is monthly and requires a six month commitment.

There is a six-month commitment to this track. So once you're in, you're in for six month minimum. Why? This is for committed clients only.

If you change your mind...

There is a six-month commitment to this track. So once you're in, you're in for six month minimum. Why? This is for committed clients only. 

Current Investment: $159/ month with six month investment 

Real People. Real Results. by Doing It Differently.

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Current Investment: $159/ month with six month investment.

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