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 (602) 218-5278

 (602) 218-5278

Welcome to the Southwest Dietitian Group! 

Congratulations on taking the first step to better your health! Here at the Southwest Dietitian Group, we specialize in habit and behavior change. This means...

  • you'll not only achieve your health goals with us, you'll sustain them for years to come.
  • you'll know exactly what your unique and individual body nutrition needs are.
  • you'll have the confidence to sustain the results because you've taken the time and done the work to create new habits.

Your Next Steps...

On this page you will learn more information about the recommendations made to your Medical Nutrition Therapy Plan.Please follow steps one through three belowand remember to bring your Journey Map and a notebook to each follow up session! 

Step One:

After completing your first session with us, we invite you to get your digital new client resource packet which includes a copy of your journey map + 25 high protein breakfast ideas + carbohydrate servings handouts + nervous system handouts and more. With your download, you'll also receive new recipes every Friday! 

Already on our CLIENT mailing list? If so, the resource packet won't get delivered. Email us at and we'll reply with the attachment!

Important Links

You must use your portal to send your personal information such as labs! We will reject it if you send it any other way.

Here is the link to your portal:

Cancels and reschedules MUST be done within 24 hours of your appointment or the card on file will be auto charged the full session amount. Please call, text, or email us! or, (602) 218-5278

Please note, you cannot reply to automated system appointment reminders (text or email) to cancel or reschedule. If you do, the response will not come to use and you will be charged for the session.

Get recipe ideas from our Instagram page here.

If you believe you've had a great experience with us, can you leave us a Google review and/or refer a friend? This helps us get new wonderful clients like you ;-) We'll gift you a $10 Sprouts gift card as a thank you! Here's our Google page.

Here is a copy of the doctor referral form, if we need one for you, we'll need a new one each year.

Step Two:

Choose Your Track with Us:

In the Insurance-Only Trackit is important to know that insurance only covers our face-to-face visits. It does NOT cover support of any kind between sessions.We recommend that you take your own notes in session and write down questions between sessions to bring in to your follow ups. The cost of the Insurance-Only Track is your current insurance costs inclusive of any deductibles, co-pays, or co-insurances. There is no additional investments in this track.

Because we specialize in habit and behavior change, we are known for our Successful Steps Signature Track. Optionally, there are alternative versions available for additional support and accountability:

Additional Tracker Temporarily Close for Improvements! You will get notified via email when they reopen.


Dietitian Text Support

Want support and accountability outside of sessions? Access to your dietitian for questions? Add the Text Track! You'll get HIPAA-compliant texting between you and your dietitian for fast access, motivation, support, and A's to your Q's on demand.



Signature Successful Steps Track

  • ​Work with a Senior Dietitian at the SDG
  • ​Dietitian Text Message Support
  • ​Shared Google Drive for Habit Tracking and more
  • Habit and Behavior Change Education (Sustainable You Academy)
  • ​Includes StressLess with Maya Curriculum, accredited by the American Institute of Stress



Habit and Behavior Change Education

Learn to change your health by changing how you think. Sustainable You Academy teaches you how to change your physical habits, emotional habits, and thought and belief habits to create total alignment and achieve sustainable change. Includes StressLess with Maya.



Get a FREE Lumen!

The first five client to join the Successful Steps Track (above) will receive a free Lumen with paid in full six-month Lumen subscription.

What is a Lumen? You can check it out here. It measures your metabolism through your breath telling you if you are burning fat or carb for energy! (It's very cool, you kinda have to be a data nerd to like it though... ;-) 

A $300 Value. p.s. You'll receive your Lumen after the first thirty days 

(Optional) Step Three:

Add Testing and Supplementation

We may have recommended a learning tool or test in your Medical Nutrition Therapy Plan.

Metabolism Testing: Measure EXACTLY how many calories you burn in a day for more accurate tracking and weight loss with the gold standard of testing, indirect calorimetry. $150, click here to invest.

Food Sensitivity Testing: Helps to best determine proper elimination diets for weight loss, skin issues, and gut issues. View a sample test here. Visit our lab store here.

Continual Glucose Monitors: For fat loss and hormone balancing, CGMs are one of our favorite ways to help you change behavior. Talk with us in session about CGM options.

Micronutrient Testing: Measures your nutrient levels to help best determine possible deficiencies and/or best multivitamin supplementation. View a sample test here. Visit our lab store here.

As a client, get up to 20% off quality supplementation in our FullScript account. Click here or above.

If you believe you've had a great experience with us, can you leave us a google review and/or refer a friend?

For each review, we would like to gift you a $10 Sprouts Gift Card!

We are always rooting for you! Email: Call or Text (602) 218-5278
© 2023 Southwest Dietitian Group, LLC, All Rights Reserved


We are always rooting for you! Email: Call or Text (602) 218-5278

© 2023 Southwest Dietitian Group - All rights reserved